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Marketing Blitz Inc. is a one-stop, leading digital marketing agency based in Ontario, Canada. 

We help service based companies and professionals in Canada, the US, and the UK to grow their businesses by helping them to generate predictable leads and gain massive exposure online using Technology, Online Advertising,  SEO, PPC, Website Design etc.

We work with a variety of businesses, both large and small and have experience in a wide range of different markets, where we consistently deliver our clients with results. We excel at delivering substantial value to our business clients and always promise professional ethical digital marketing service. Contact us today for a free strategy session.

We always promise professional ethical digital marketing service. Contact us today for a free strategy session.


Alex Bangura, Founder


Alex Bangura is an internet entrepreneur known for founding Marketing Blitz Inc. in 2013 a Digital Marketing Agency based in Canada that specializes in Online Advertising and Lead Generation using Google AdWords, Pay Per Click Advertising, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Online Reputation Marketing, and Website Design.  

For 10 years Alex worked for Bell Canada ( 2003 to 2013). At Bell, he started his career in sales where he was very successful and won several awards.  In 2005 he became a Manager /  Service Matter Expert (SME) for Bell's Flagship IPVPN product where he worked for 4 years and was nominated for Bell Aviation Award, the highest award presented to Bell Employees. In 2009, he was promoted to Associate Director / New Product Development for Bell's Flagship Cloud products and services. 

Alex has a wide range of experience including creative problem solving, putting sales deals together, negotiating, technical process development and training, product development, working in virtual environment, team building and great work ethic.  

Alex is also a certified Google AdWords professional. Today, He uses his corporate skills gained while working for Bell,  internet marketing expertise, and wide experience over the past 4 years in advertising to help business clients in Canada, the UK, and the US:

  • Create Customer Acquisition Process (CAP) and systems to generate leads consistently online & offline
  • Help businesses with technology & systems to improve business efficiency, gain exposure and reduce cost
  • Help businesses understand how to sell their products or services online easily 

Currently, Alex and his team manage pay per click advertising campaigns for over fifty different markets on behalf of his business clients where he has consistently proved ROI in very competitive market spaces. 

Over the years, Alex has built a specialized marketing team of search engine optimization professionals, pay per click advertising strategist, social media specialist, conversion optimizers, website developers, coders and Graphic designers to help business clients gain more exposure, generate more leads and make more sales. 

Alex has a BSc Hons in Computer Science and he is married with two kids.


Alex's Areas of Expertise And Responsibility


  • Alex is responsible for assessing and controlling risk for client's marketing campaigns
  • Oversees the end to end analysis, review and implementation of marketing campaigns
  • Overvess lead generation and marketing  campaign performance
  • Team building and customer retention
  • Etc

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