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Here at Marketing Blitz Inc., we help businesses and professionals to grow by helping them to generate predictable leads using Google AdWords, Facebook Marketing, Pay Per Click Online Advertising, and Technology.

We are Google AdWords certified PPC Agency with over 15 years of combined Online Marketing expertise. We offer pay per click campaign management across Google AdWords, Facebook and Bing Ads platforms.

We also help businesses and professionals with Remarketing, YouTube Video Marketing, Display Advertising. Our marketing team provides companies that we work with-in Canada, the US, and the UK, massive exposure, high-quality leads and sales at the lowest possible cost per click.

We work with a variety of businesses, both large and small and have experience running and managing PPC campaigns in a wide range of different markets and niches, where we consistently deliver our clients with profitable lead generation results

We provide professional Keyword Research, Google AdWords and PPC Campaign Setup, on-going Traffic Analysis, Daily Cost Per Click Optimization and Click Fraud prevention.

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  • Google AdWords is by far the most popular Pay Per Click Advertising platform in Canada and globally. Google account for over 90% of internet searches. Lots of options to create different advertising campaign types. You can run paid search ads campaign, video ads campaign, product listing campaign, Google shopping campaigns, remarket ads campaigns etc. Google Adwords provides lots of targeting, scheduling and budgeting options to reach your ideal customers as the search for your product or services online.
  • Facebook is the second fastest-growing advertising platform in the world currently.  Facebook platform is very powerful and affordable (from a cost per click standpoint, compared to Google Adwords). Facebook also provides lots of targeting, budgeting etc options to reach your ideal customers, groups, audience etc.

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Why Choose Us To Manage Your Online Advertising, Pay Per Click,

Remarketing, And Google AdWords Campaigns?

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► We are Google AdWords certified company and we know how to generate leads using Adwords, Facebook, Bing etc
► Full transparency and 24/7 access to all your Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, Bing Ads campaigns
► We charge a flat monthly PPC campaign management fee with unlimited keywords and ads
► We specialize in all types of Google AdWords campaigns - Google Shopping Ads, YouTube Video Ads etc.
► Phone Calls and Leads tracking - tracking of incoming calls from AdWords campaigns and landing page.

► If you are new to Google AdWords or No results from your Pay Per Click campaigns, we can help you.
► Optimize your landing pages to improve relevance and drive more traffic to get more customers

► We love our clients, we work for you night and day to grow your customer base and increase your exposure online
► All marketing campaigns are researched, designed and implemented to meet your goals and budget. 

► We are here to help you and move your business forward with professional Google AdWords campaign management 
► We answer all your questions in a timely manner.

Let's Put A Strategic Proposal Together To 

Build Your Brand, Gain More Exposure And 

Get More Customers Online

Contact Us Now 

Phone: (905) 216-7571 / (905) 216-7262


Save Time, Drive Traffic To Reach More Customers & Increase Your Conversions

With Our Pay Per Click Advertising Services

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Get even better results with your pay per click campaigns. Increase traffic to your business website to generate more traffic and leads. Our certified team can help you with:

► Google AdWords PPC
► Retarget Marketing
► Video Advertising
► Display Advertising
► Facebook Pay Per Click
► LinkedIn Pay Per Click


► Competition Analysis
► Professional Keyword Research
► Google AdWords AdWords and PPC campaign setup
► Tracking number integration with campaign

► Campaign optimization to maximize ROI
► Daily Traffic Analysis and Tracking
► Daily Cost Per Click optimization


► Keyword Bidding Optimization
► Location Targeting Optimization - Postal Code, City, Town etc
► Location Bid Optimization 
► Device Targeting Optimization - Desktop, Mobile and Tablet
► Device Bid Optimization - Desktop, Mobile and Tablet

► Campaign Budget Control To Boost ROI
► All Ad Extensions Optimization

► New Campaigns, AdGroups and Ads creations
► Testing and Split Testing of Landing Page/s, Ads etc
► Conversion Tracking and Data Analysis
Invalid Click and Click Fraud Tracking and Analysis
► Many more...


Real Customers Getting Real Online Exposure And Results

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